List of some activities to be done in Paracas:


Enjoy a quiet walk along our magnificent coastline such as: Atenas, La Mina, Yumanque, Playa Roja among others.

Tubular or Buggies

Paraca also has desert where you can walk in sandboxes and live moments full of adrenaline and recommended for all ages.

Ballestas Islands

One of the most requested tours is the visit to the Ballestas Islands which is the natural refuge of the marine fauna of Paracas.

Paracas National Reserve

An interesting walk where you can see rock formations, bird watching, beautiful beaches and lots of nature

Artisan market

Enjoy a quiet afternoon on the boulevard of Paracas, seeing the variety of handicrafts.

Paracas Historical Museum

Famous worldwide due to the treasures of the Paracas culture that it keeps inside.

The Pisco and Wine route

You can enjoy our flag drink, in addition to touring the different wineries and see the distillation process and learn more about its history and tasting.